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Almost Athletes Bingo Challenge and Plonker in the Park Circuit Training!

Vanquish Virus Vexations with the Almost Athletes Bingo and Circuit Training Challenges!

AA Bingo

Never mind full houses – you’re an Almost - we’ll have the whole lot for a win please.


AA Bingo

 The game is simple: complete the run/challenge, take a picture and post to create your own personal Bingo collage. If the challenges set are unsuitable for you then improvise where you can. Any effort is valued and keeping connected is the focus.

 Explanations for each square:

  1. Virtual 5k run – if you took part in the Almosts Virtual 5km relay then take a photo. If you didn’t take part find the route dedicated for you area and run it.
  2. Route Rob and Shout - Find a route someone else has posted on any media platform and blatantly rob it - just give a shout out and thanks to the ‘original’ owner in your post.
  3. Name Sign Run - Find your name on a street sign and take a selfie!
  4. “Thank you Key workers” run - Say thank you to the Key workers on your run. Find and snap as many rainbows/symbols as you can.
  5. Plonker in the Park - Oregan circuits using the letter chart. Full notes below! Take a picture of yourself at the end of the session. Be warned you will feel like a plonker doing this session by yourself. Don’t worry though. You look it, so there’s little point in worrying!
  6. A view with a view - Take a photo of the view you plan to run to and once you get there take a photo of the view you took your photo from!
  7. Cha Cha slide challenge - Extra kudos for whole households including debut pets, post a video or photo (
  8. Sundown run - Complete a sundown run and post a photo.
  9. Rocky Run - Find your local hill or if not by one find some stairs and complete as many reps as able. Extra kudos for a Rocky photo at the top!
  10. Fancy Dress run - Go for a run in public in fancy dress. Fair play to whoever does this but even bigger kudos for a longer run!
  11. Sunrise run - Run before sunrise and take a photo of it.
  12. Postbox challenge - Run the post box challenge. Extra kudos for all of the Penfolds.
  13. Strava Art - Create some Strava art. Post photo... no matter how bad...
  14. Phonebox Challenge - Run to find and snap phoneboxes.
  15. Landmark run - Set your own distance and include local landmarks. Sharing of novel ones alongside local information particularly welcome.
  16. Sally-up Squat Challenge - Do the Sally Up Squat challenge. Extra kudos for whole households getting involved! (
  17. 5km Cross-country - Run a 5k cross country route. Practise for the cross country series whenever it’s on ....
  18. Your own run! – As it says on the tin. Do whatever you fancy (legally!) and post about it.
  19. The “Ross Barkley” 5km PB – Break your 5km PB by doing an interval run. Just remember to to stop your watch between efforts! (
  20. AA Bonus square - #postandmove Run mindfully with any, if not all, of the 5 ways of wellbeing as a focus and post a photo and description of; connection, giving, learning, taking notice and being active.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone’s efforts! Please remember to run responsibly and stay safe in the process, especially as the weather is getting warmer.

Plonker in the Park

Are you finding yourself running the same routes, same paces, training weeks starting to get a little repetitive...well no fear because, knowing just how much our Thursday track crew are missing their Oregan Circuits we thought we’d create a Covid circuit just for you to keep your training fresh!

AA Oregan Circuits

To do this session you need:

Find a safe place to park your kit. Have a slow trot around your chosen lap for a good warm up and practise your Weds night drills, basics’ high knees, skips with arms, grapevines, anything to increase your heart rate slowly and steadily until you know you are sufficiently warm enough to get to some tougher training.
The session is:

  1. Run a lap of 300-400 meters.
  2. Stop at your kit point and complete the exercise that corresponds to the words you want to spell out. Once finished immediately run another 300-400 meters, stop and complete the exercise that corresponds next in the word you want to spell out. Repeat this pattern for 8 minutes.
  3. Walk for 2 mins – it’s important not to stand still as this will make the session harder for your muscles. Better to keep moving during your 2 min recoveries.
  4. Then repeat the set 3 more times. Make sure to balance the effort in running and the exercises keeping effort up in both. Neither the run or the exercise should feel like a break.
  5. Basically you will run 4 x 8 min circuits at tempo pace with 2 min walking recovery breaks in between. Easy right?!