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Wednesday 22nd January - Give it a Go! from Bath Road car park

Safety – Runners - wear high viz/be clearly lit. Run as a group with no one left behind or alone. Use pedestrian crossings and run on pavements wherever possible. Drivers - care on entering car park. Area is poorly lit and runners/pedestrians may be around.

Wednesday 22nd Jan - Give it a Go! 18:45 for 19:00 - Bath Road car park (Video)

Venue - Bath Road, Car Park Cheltenham

Warm-up starts at 6:50. A choice of five or four mile groups and a range of paces. Please wear hi-viz clothing, and head or chest lights if you have them.

Format – Welcome and club news, Warm up, split into paced run groups led by qualified members (LiRFs), planned route of 4/5 miles, warm down.
Club run etiquette – You run at your own risk but the club endeavours to offer a safe and enjoyable run experience. A key part of this is our Leaders in Running Fitness (LiRFs). They are experienced club members who carry out a volunteer role to lead club runs. Your group leader, fellow runners and members of the public should be treated with respect and courtesy. Run instructions are for the safety of all. If you decide to leave a group early let your LiRF know.

New runners – You are very welcome. Please make yourself known to one of the Committee members who can help with a suitable group etc.
Walking group – On occasion, members may organise an informal walking group. If available, this will be announced on the night.
Enjoy your run and please share any feedback with your run leader (LiRF) or a member of the Committee.