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18th September: Off-Road and on Road: Old Pats Rugby Ground

 We will be at the Old Pats Rugby Ground  car park - 6:50 for the warm up, ready to set off at 7pm.

Wednesday night club run 11th September - Old Pats.

Please arrive ready to join in with a warm up at about 6:50

5 miles on road

Groups (TBC) likely to be:
8:30 min mile
9:30 min mile
10:30 min mile

4 miles on road
1 group 11:30 - 12 min mile


Usually an off-road group - headlight essential!

Light is fading so please wear bright and/or reflective clothes, bring lights if you want, and please run on pavements/paths. Enjoy yourselves and please be sensible out there. See you tomorrow!!

Road groups and possibly off road groups - if running off-road head torches are compulsory. As the evenings are drawing in now hi-viz kit is also strongly advised, particularly for on-road. 

On-road route



*Wednesday night - Club run*

+ Where? Varies throughout the year so keep an eye on Facebook or the website.
+ What time? 6:45-8pm
+ Distance covered? Depends on the group, but between 5 and 9km
+ What goes on? Starts at 6:45pm with a warm up and the run starts at 7pm. We\'ll then sort into groups of different paces and go for a run/jog/walk. Each group is led by a LiRF (see below). Simple!


The groups all finish back in the same place for a cool down. Hi-viz and head torches are encouraged (on darker evenings), and we use pedestrian crossings (on-road runs) where available.

We then usually finish with a social drink in a local pub for those that would like to join.