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Wednesday 19th February - 6:50pm for 7pm run - Bath Road car park

Safety – Runners - wear high viz/be clearly lit. Run as a group with no one left behind or alone. Use pedestrian crossings and run on pavements wherever possible. Drivers - care on entering car park. Area is poorly lit and runners/pedestrians may be around.

Venue - Bath Terrace Car Park, Cheltenham GL50 2BA  (Just off the Bath Road, behind the shops)

Our club social run starts from the Bath Terrace carpark. We are hoping to use the little pocket of parking spaces used for our #runandtalk session last week for our gathering and announcements but please keep your wits about you as the car park is very busy and we may not be able to use that space! There will be no warm-up due to lack of room so please make sure you arrive in good time as the runners will be setting off at 7pm. A range of paces and a choice of four and five mile routes; drink and chat in the Exmouth afterwards.

****PLEASE NOTE**** The Bath Terrace carpark is very busy around 6:45-7pm as a nearby children's dance class finishes at 7 and there are a lot of parents milling round in their cars waiting to collect their children! To keep our runners as safe as possible in this busy location, we will:

Unfortunately EA advice prevents us from allowing u18s at any of our formal sessions.