Cotswold Way Relay 2020 – Saturday July 4th

The teams:

Much to my surprise I managed to crack the CWR teams last Sunday night. Thank you for all the entries I received, just short of 50 this year.

As I said previously it is highly likely we will be allocated 3 teams of 10, so 30 runners by my maths (O’level grade C, 1984 btw, which was also much to Mr Whitfield’s surprise).

I am by now really getting on Team Bath AC’s (the organisers) nerves by asking for a 4th team & reminding them we were loaning out runners last year to clubs who couldn’t fill their teams at the last minute. I won’t know till March 10th if my incessant whinging has worked.

On the basis of the expected 3 teams for now, here they are. I know there will be some disappointments amongst you, but I have been as fair as I possibly can & have agreed the principles of selection with the committee.

CWRteams 2020 V1 8Feb2020


The principles were:

For those selected in a team, just please let me know asap if you NO LONGER wish to run. You don’t need to let me know if you are happy with your place, although that would of course be nice & give me a lovely warm feeling.

Could Leg Captains please confirm they are up to the job.

I am always here to chat anything CWR, so if you have any questions let me know.

I’ll be in touch again after March 10th when we can start talking money and I will start entering names & details into the rather tedious TBAC entry “portal”; I do have a problem with that word.

Don’t forget:

But it is heaps of fun.

The sun ALWAYS shines.

The leg selfies are always the best…

Dave C; CWR Monitor

Withdrawals & replacements

Withdrawals after May 31st

Anyone withdrawing after May 31st will not be reimbursed by the new runner. The new runner will get an FOC place.

Race Website

You can get more info on the run by going to the CWR website:


Any questions please speak with Dave Chittock.

For written contact with me, please email me only at No Facebook posts, messages, texts, flag signalling or notes through my letterbox.

Many Thanks