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Cotswold Way Relay 2020 – Saturday July 4th

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Cotswold Way Relay 2020 – Sat July 4th

The CWR has been a regular fixture on the AA's calendar for a number of years and has really grown in popularity within the club.

It is a very social event, and a great way to meet other members.

I have yet to have confirmation from Team bath but I am assuming for now we will be allocated 3 teams of 10 as per 2019.  There will inevitably be a reserves list. I will be giving first refusal initially to those that were still on the reserve list in 2019 by the time we got to the event. You will still need to apply though. 

For those new to it, it is a one-day event, this year on Saturday July 4th.

Teams of runners from many local clubs tackle the entire Cotswold Way from Chipping Camden leaving at 7am, through to Bath, finishing in the early evening - a total of 104 miles.

We run it in 10 legs. It is not a true relay in terms of handing over a baton; instead each leg has a set start time throughout the day & each runners time is amalgamated for a total team time. Each leg is anything from about 8 miles up to just over 12 miles

Without wanting to put anyone off though, it is an unmarshalled & unsigned event over some pretty hard terrain in places and there are "sometimes" grazing animals.

But fear not, each leg will have its own AA Leg Captain to get everyone ready for the day including most importantly recce run(s) of your leg. The recce runs are great fun and very social too. Last year we held a celebratory picnic a few weeks after the event.

Commitment to run

Could I politely ask that if you are planning to put your name down, you check & recheck any possible clashes you may have first & that if you do enter, you do your absolute upmost to honour the commitment.

If you are carrying a long-term injury, you may need to think hard about it as this is a team event where withdrawals do mean a lot of work to re-jig things for myself & for the organisers. 

Previous Legs run

This year I am asking for details of your previously completed runs for this event. For each leg, please insert:

Please don’t just leave it blank or it will affect the spreadsheet I pull together from your replies.

The orgainsers main CWR website under the Historical Records tab has MOST of the previous results but it is quite a trawl through. Link to CWR website given below.

By default, I shall be assuming the results on the Cotstwold Relay organiser's website will confirm your achievement in an Almost Athletes team. If this is not the case, for example, if you have changed your name or if you ran a leg for a non-Almost team, then please add an explanatory note in the Comments box near the bottom of the form, including your name(s), the year and the team name.

GDPR Please note that the details you enter into the form are not retained on the Almost Athletes website server, but will be emailed in plain text via public servers that may be located anywhere in the World. Furthermore, the details may be retained on computers used by Almost Athletes organisers, especially myself, for the purposes of administering Almost Athletes entries in this the event. Almost Athletes cannot take any responsibility if this information obtained or used for other purposes. Please contact me (Dave Chittock) directly if you have any related concerns

BEFORE fillling in the form.

Provisional Timetable

Jan 6th - Entry forms go live on AA website

Jan 27th - Deadline to enter by.

I am awaiting Team Bath to help me with all other deadline dates, so I will update you later.


Cost this year is TBC. I have contacted the organisers to try & find out when we know what it will be for 2020.

Race Momento

Last year they ended giving out tee shirts in favour of a re-usable mug. This is TBC for 2020 so I will still ask for tee shirt sizes in the meantime just in case.


You enter via Almost Athletes, not with the organisers. The entry form is (directly above) on the Almost Athletes website in the Races/Events drop down.

Withdrawals & replacements

Withdrawals after May 31st

Anyone withdrawing after May 31st will not be reimbursed by the new runner. The new runner will get an FOC place.

Leg Captains

Please indicate if you are willing to be a leg captain. Main duties are recce runs, logistics/lifts on the day & handing out tee shirts,

Leg Preferences

For leg preferences I will be as accommodating as I can but no guarantees. If you absolutely can only run a certain leg, include this on the form in additional info. If I cannot get you on the leg, I won't include you.


Race Website

You can get more info on the run by going to the CWR website:


Any questions please speak with Dave Chittock.

For written contact with me, please email me only at No Facebook posts, messages, texts, flag signalling or notes through my letterbox.

Many Thanks