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Monday 15th July Beginners ­ POW Track session

7pm start, please bring £3

Please see Facebook for last minute details,


*Monday night - Track*

+ Where? Prince of Wales Stadium, Tommy Taylor Lane Cheltenham
+ What time? 7-8pm
+ Distance covered? Usually between 3 and 5km of paced runs.
+ What goes on? The first half the session is all about warm up and technique. Lots of exaggerated motions to focus on good technique. The second half of the session is then focussed on putting that into practice in a variety of short (50-400m) paced runs with plenty of recovery factored in. The session finishes with a warm down.

The great thing about the track is its oval shape, so everyone can reconvene and start from the same place.

+ Coach's catchphrase: "running is a series of one-footed landings and take offs".