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Thursday morning run  23rd January - 9:30 am run

Meet at the Norwood carpark to set off at 9:30am on a five mile run (we will be following the Popeye's arm route of the last couple of weeks.) Everyone runs at their own pace but faster runners are asked to turn round at regular regrouping points to run to those points with any slower runners. The run finishes at the Exmouth where runners, walkers and non-running members are welcome to join us for 2-for-1 hot drinks and a lot of chat!! Dogs welcome both on the run and at the pub.

PLEASE NOTE: If you drive in to the Norwood carpark and stop even for a few minutes en route to the hill you *must* buy a ticket or you will be hit with a £60 fine

Regular regroups so no-one gets left behind. Pace is 'conversational'!

9:30am start from the Norwood carpark, finishing 5 miles later at the Exmouth for coffee (and shortbread) and a chat.

We set off at 9:30am from the Norwood carpark for a 5 mile run ('Popeye's arm' route again this week!) ending at the Exmouth Arms for 2-for-1 hot drinks. Run at your own pace but please loop back at the turn round points to run in with the back markers.