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TRAINING - Tuesday 21st January - 6:50 pm Venue TBA

 Please check on Facebook for any last minute details or changes.

Meet at 6:50 for a 7PM start.


*Tuesday night - Hills*

+ Where? 4 locations over the year:
- In the summer it's at the bottom of Cheltenham Racecourse car park.
- Winter training usually rotates between Copt Elm Road in Charlton Kings, Parabola Road in Cheltenham and the Honeybourne Line by Waitrose in Cheltenham.

+ What time? 7-8pm
+ Distance covered? Between 5 and 8km
+ What goes on? The session starts with a warm up and then tends to comprise 3 elements:

- the first part of the session usually focuses on shorter efforts looking at the transition between going up or down hill and the flat.
- the second part is usually the longest part of the session, which is a 10-15 min paced effort focused on technique up and down hills.
- the final part is usually shuttle runs focused on correct technique to attack the inclines.

The session finishes with a nice cool down and stretch.

The hills session is planned around loops, so everyone comes back to the same point. It's a great session for anyone who is training for those undulating races!

+ Coach's catchphrase: "hands to hips".