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Running Groups

This page shows the venue and routes used on Wednesday evenings. We like to provide a wide selection of distances and speeds to ensure all members have an enjoyable run. Thus we hope to provide the following choices

The speeds and times are only a very rough guide which is adjusted by the marshalls to ensure everyone is safe and comfortable. All groups have 'regroups' to enable the slower runners to catch up and recover - rest time is typically longer for the slower groups.


The recently introduced 4 mile group is proving to be very successful. Ideal if you are building up your running gradually or returning after a break and would like to join an 'easy' and supportive group.

The selection of groups running on a particular evening is critically dependent upon the number of marshall volunteers. This particularly applies to the slower groups as the majority of our existing marshalls prefer to run in one of faster groups. The only qualifications are knowing the route and being able to keep up the group you are marshalling. If you are willing to assist please send an e-mail to, or speak to Graham Fletcher on a Wednesday, preferably before 7pm!

Running Etiquette

Our aim is to ensure that everyone taking part in an organised run has a fun and safe experience. To achieve this we need full cooperation from all of those taking part. Please be considerate and follow these etiquette rules:

If you are not happy with any aspect of our club group runs, please email - we always welcome feedback.