Prior Years’ Runners of the Year

Every year at the club AGM our members get the opportunity to vote for a male and female Runner of the Year, chosen from the Runners of the Month throughout the year.


Runners of the Year – 2022


For 2022, the lady winner was Amy Sheer and the male winner Dave McGrath.

Amy Sheer, the lady winner for 2022

Dave McGrath, Male Runner of the Year for 22


Runners of the Year – 2019


For 2019, the lady winner was Fiona Barnes, and the male prize shared between Ollie Nolan and Matt Pearson

Fiona recovered from injury to complete 6 marathons in the year and has joined the Committee to work incredibly hard as the new Welfare Officer. Furthermore, self-funded, she has worked very hard to become a Coach in Running Fitness and regularly puts her skills to good use leading the club’s runs.

Fiona Barnes, the lady winner for 2019

Ollie recovered from a broken ankle to complete a number of events which included achieving 1st in his age category. The day after completing Evesham 10k, which included supporting a run2help member, he was diagnosed with brain tumours from which he is now recovering.

Matt is an outstanding athlete who combines brilliant performances with endless encouragement for his colleagues. In addition, he is a member of the club’s Mental Health Champions group and has joined the club’s Committee to further support its members.

Ollie Nolan, joint male winner for 2019

Matt Poulson, joint male winner for 2019

Runners of the Year – 2018


For 2018, the lady winner was Virginia Powlyn, and the male winner was Michael Grant.

Runners of the Year – 2016


For 2016, the joint lady winners were Glenda Gill and Vicky Kennedy, and the male winner was Prashanth Sripathi.

Glenda Gill (left) and Vicky Kennedy (right), joint female winners for 2016.  Pictured with Ben Smith.


Prashanth Sripathi (left), male winner for 2016, receiving his award from Ben Smith

Runners of the Year – 2015


For 2015, the female winner was Amber Bullingham and the male winner was Matt Barnes.

Matt Barnes and Amber Bullingham being presented with their trophies by Marathon Man Steve Edwards.


Runners of the Year – 2014


For 2014, the female winner was Alison Hume and the male winner was Dave McGrath.

Dave McGrath (left) and Alison Hume (right) being presented with their trophies.


Runners of the Year – Prior to 2014


2013 – Helen Fursman and David Chittock (pictured below with Adventurer Jamie McDonald)

2012 – Glenda Gill and John Galpin

2011 – Alison Hume and Nick Spice

2010 – Karen Galpin and Mike Wood

2009 – Fiona Judson, Nikki Weatherley and Art Williams

2008 – Karen Galpin and Dave Asbridge

2007 – Jean Bryan and Dave Elliott


Helen Fursman and David Chittock being presented with their trophies by adventurer Jamie McDonald