Almost Athletes Membership Application

Once you have had a trial run with us and would like to join, please apply for membership by completing a membership form (see below). When the Membership Secretary has received your details, they will send you details of how to pay online using Stripe.


Membership Year

The current membership year started on 1 April 2024 and is up to 31st March 2025. Applications for NEW MEMBERS are invited and their membership will last until 31st March 2025. Current members of another EA affiliated club can apply for second claim membership to Almost Athletes for the reduced fee of £16, for the same time period.

Please note:  Almost Athletes currently contributes a £19 annual fee, for England Athletics affiliation, from each £35 membership fee received.


Existing Members

Existing members are invited to renew now for £35 (or £16 for second claim members) and we hope that you will do so.  You should have received an email from Mitch (our club Chair) on 30 May explaining what to do, and please note the deadline of 25th June, to prevent your membership from lapsing.

Life members do not need to do anything, unless there are any changes to your personal information to advise us of.

If you have any queries, please contact Amy Broomhall at


New Member Application

Applying for membership has two stages Application Form and Payment.

Please complete an Application Form as explained below. The Membership Secretary will subsequently send you details of how to make the Payment directly to England Athletics using the online Stripe system.

Application Form

Before filling in an application form, please click this here to open and read the Privacy statement & Communication preferences.

Almost Athletes offers two options for you to supply your personal details as listed below.

Using the online form (below) is the most convenient. However, your data will be transmitted to Almost Athletes and to yourself by unencrypted emails that might be read by third parties (human and computer) anywhere in the world, over which Almost Athletes have no control or knowledge.

    1. Scroll down to the online form below and enter your details.
    2. When you click the Submit form button, your data will transmitted by emails to the Membership Secretary and you, plus it is shown as a summary web page, in place of the form.
    3. Note – if the form is still visible after clicking Submit, there is an error in your data and it has not been sent. Please correct the error and click Submit form button again.

Alternately, download a blank form onto your computer and hand to the Membership Secretary, Amy Broomhall.

    1. Click here  to download the form as a PDF file.
    2. Print the file and fill in using a black pen.
    3. Hand to the Membership Secretary, Amy Broomhall. To arrange this handover, please email


Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
The above is for details of additional support requirements.
The above is for details of any medical information
Do you consent to your special category personal data provided in the "Additional Support" and "Medical Information" sections above being shared with coaches for the purposes of helping to ensure your safe participation in Club activity. This data will not be shared or processed for any other purpose.
PRIVACY AND DATA SHARING DECLARATION: Please read Club Privacy and Data Sharing notes HERE
CLAIMS AND LIABILITY DECLARATION: I understand that running can be a strenuous activity, and that I should not participate unless I am physically able to do so. I accept all risks associated with running, including, but not limited to: the effects of weather, traffic, road or terrain conditions. I hereby waive and release the Almost Athletes Running Club from all claims and liabilities of any kind arising from my participation within the club.
Please tick the above if you agree to our Claims and Liability Declaration.